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- About me

My mission is to be with you, the one who wants change, to guide you in this process to activate your inner resources to be the best version of yourself ...

I'm here to support you to:

  • Gain clarity in difficult situations and be able to make conscious decisions
  • Discover your self-identity and expressing it authentically in the relationships in your life
  • Set goals relevant to your personal and professional growth
  • Build a personal brand and grow your career
  • Become aware of your limiting beliefs and change your perspective
  • Review your habits and build your inner order for a balanced life
  • Manage stress and anxiety optimally when facing difficult or conflictual situations
  • Improve your communication and the quality of important relationships in your life
  • Identify what is important to you and act with meaning
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Services I offer

Explore what suits you. More coaching programmes coming soon.

1:1 Life Change Strategy

Feeling stuck? Do you want to overcome your fears? Do you want clarity? Do you want to achieve new goals? Do you want to identify what is important to you?

Individual sessions

Overcome existing blocks and activate your inner resources to build the life you deserve

Set Appointment

1:1 Career Change Strategy

Do you feel you lack meaning and motivation in your current job? Do you want to build a personal brand and grow in your career?

Professional coaching

Identify what's important to you, set goals relevant to your professional growth and take meaningful action

Set Appointment

Personal development

Do you want to develop new skills, enjoy life to its full potential? Do you want to build new habits? Do you want to improve your communication and the quality of important relationships in your life?

Executive Coaching Sessions

Discover your self-identity and manifest it authentically in the relationships in your life. Activate your inner resources to be the best version of yourself.

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Before I met Laura my perception of myself, who I am and what I am was considerably influenced by my own image that I projected in distorting mirrors. Obviously, this was only going to create frustration and keep me trapped in a lot of limiting beliefs. But with Laura's help, I learned to see myself as honestly and as closely as possible to reality. After the coaching sessions I had with her, I was left with many good, healthy habits, as well as an optimistic, confident outlook on everything I can do. Moreover, I have managed, in some of the most distressing aspects of my life, to get out of the I could be for to really be what I want. I like her frank, playful, persistent and yet sensitive to the client's needs. For Laura I have all the love and respect one can have for a coach and friend at the same time.
Criss Philoianos
I met Laura while trying to change my job! She helped me build my CV, with business cases and all the discussions I had with potential employers were productive, based on the preparations I made with Laura in advance of the meetings. Motivating, with a proactive, open and applied attitude on what I wanted. Interesting topics, extremely attentive to detail and always on topic! I think she can be likened to a coach(career, daily) that you can rely on to motivate you, help you understand your difficulties in your daily job and then grow slowly!
Marius Tudor
Distribution Channel Manager SEE
I have met Mrs. Vlaicu while being recruited for my current position. From the very beginning I was impressed with her openness and kind persistence. Besides excellent people skills and a very analytical approach, I found real support and empathy in her, a strong mind and focus on the goal, but with a certain kind of gentleness in building relationships. She successfully assisted and guided me throughout the whole process, as a true Business Partner does, and I would definitely not hesitate to work with her again.
Nicoleta C.
Strategy & Planning Manager
I met Laura in May 2011 and from the beginning I was pleasantly surprised the way she interacted with me: highly professional and very open at the same time. The way Laura gave me feedback and how she analyzed me helped me knowing myself better and take the best decisions for my career later on in the year when we met again for a recruitment process I was engaged. Even if the professional relationship lasted only a few months, I believe that Laura is a valuable professional who sees out of the box and perfectly predicts the personality of those she analyzes. Also, offers the best tips and advice, which is highly appreciated at this time. I have the highest level of admiration for Laura, and I recommend her to those who need an exceptional professional in HR activities.
Mircea Gheorghe
Owner at FOCA - Friendly Office Consulting Agency

What is the process?

7 steps

It all starts with a first step:

It is important to believe in yourself and to show your true essence in every moment, in everything you do, with joy and passion, free, motivated and with a smile on your face. It all starts with a first step: the one when you consciously choose to change the perspectives that hinder your growth.

Are you ready?

I choose a personalised approach depending on the person I am working with, the situation we are addressing, oriented towards visible, transformational and consequently sustainable results. I work holistically, integratively and adaptively. I am flexible in terms of the type of interaction which can be face-to-face, online or over the phone.

I'll get back to you in maximum 24 hours.

First contact
Contact me via your preferred channel: phone, email, social media
First interaction
We schedule the first discussion: by phone or online where we get to know each other, you describe the context you are in and the areas you want to focus on at the moment.
You decide you want to work together and sign the contract.


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